Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Roger Maris Now the Single-Season HR Record Holder and Mr. Selig

Once again, it should be recognized by Major League Baseball that Roger Maris and his mark of 61 home runs stands as the single-season record. Mr. McGwire and the disgrace he is, should now never be inducted into the Hall of Fame. This self-serving notion was nothing more than to avoid the media when he works the upcoming season as hitting coach of the Cardinals. I cannot understand why Tony LaRussa would want to subject himself to such a person. I do not care how close they were when he played. McGwire cheated himself, the fans, and the game of baseball by doing steroids for over 10 years. He 1998 record is now a joke and means nothing. I feel worse for the Maris family who he paraded out to the ball game to watch he "record" home run. I know he called and apologized to the family, but that is not enough. Selig and the rest of the owners had no problems lining their pockets during the 1998 season and turned a blind eye to an obvious problem. We all "knew" in some way, shape, or form, what was going on, but the accolades continued. Swinging Lying Cheatin' Sammy Sosa was even a bigger joke. From his corked bats to his now "lighter" skin due to a "cream", they should both be ashamed of themselves and hold a press conference and tell all and apologize to the entire sports world. Barry Bonds is also a classless individual who should be in jail. Since Barry cannot get anyone to testify against him, he continues to be a free man, even though he should be behind bars for lying to a grand jury. Time will tell, but I would guess that Mr. Selig will do nothing. What he should do is announce that the single season home run leader is still....Roger Maris. Mr. Selig and the rest of the owners should also take a stand and announce a lifetime banishment for any player now found guilty of taking any PED. Enough is enough already. But I will bet in the end that nothing is done....Why? Money and greed. It is sad that the greatest game of all-time has turned into a circus act....and all under the watch of Bud Selig. He should resign today and step down as Commissioner of Baseball.

All-Time Single-Season Home Run Leader - Roger Maris - 61

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