Saturday, March 6, 2010

Help Save Cardinal Gibbons High School of Baltimore City

I wanted to post an email I recently received. I hope this can help raise some funds for this great school. Thanks....Brad

"Hello thank you for even taking the time to read this email. I am contacting you because my school needs the help and cooperation of the I attend Cardinal Gibbons High School of Baltimore City. We have recently received news that our school would be consolidated because of financial deficits. This may seem like an email for money for an insignificant cause, however the significance to this email is the legacy of Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth attended St. Mary's Industrial School which has become Cardinal Gibbons. At Cardinal Gibbons we celebrate the history of Babe Ruth. Being a senior captain of my schools baseball team compels me even more to not let the legacy of Babe slip away. I Know it may seem like an event I shouldn't be worried about because I'm graduating, but this school means a lot to me and everyone who has any contact with Gibbons. Not only does Gibbons celebrate a rich history in athletic success we also pride are selves in the reformation of mere boys to strong devout Christian men. Gibbons has been reforming boys to men since 1962. At Gibbons we are a family. We are a small school that puts emphasis on education and the importance of including GOD in everything you do. Gibbons is a not just a school it is a way of life for many boys.The Gibbons community encourages each individual to grow in conspicuous for honor, challenge, responsibility, scholarship, and devotion. There is more that I can write you about but I wanted to start by stating my case. I am not asking for any specific amount of money. Gibbons is in need of 500,000 dollars. Any amount of money would be a great help. I don't know what influence you have on the MLB but I figured I could come to you for help. Even if you pass this email to someone who can help. I hope that you read this email and take into great consideration of how much this school effects my life, alumni, present and future Gibbons students, and further more the community. Wouldn't you like to have the satisfaction in your heart to know that you have made a great impact on many families."


Ryan R Green-Ellis
Contact info
3225 Wilkens Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21229-4286
410-525-3757 fax

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