Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lee Goes to the Phillies - The BEST Non-Signing by the Yankees of All-Time

Time may prove me wrong, but the non-signing of Lee will be the best move the Yankees never made.  I admit I am not a fan at all of Lee and never have been.  I am glad the Yankees did not sign him.  To me, this guy has no character.  He knew the entire time he was not going back to Texas and knew he was not going to New York.  He could at least have had the courtesy of letting the Rangers know right away he did not want to come back.  He let Ryan fly back and forth over and over to his home in Arkansas and in the end, blew him off.

What is lost in all of this is the Phillies and their B.S. comment on how they do not sign guys to more than 3 years.  They signed the GREATEST pitcher in baseball to a 3 year deal and would not budge with him.  Are they kidding?  Now they sign a guy who cannot hold the jockstrap of one Mr. Halladay and give him 5 years.  The Phillies better add 3 years to Roy's contract ASAP.  If I were Roy, I would be quite upset.  We listened to all that crap about 3 years and they go and sign Cliff to a 5 year GUARANTEED deal.  Makes no sense.  And then to offer Lee $27.5 million for a 6th year to boot. Just to rub salt in the wounds.  I am tired of hearing about how the Yankees throw around money.  The Phillies are just as guilty, and right now, more so.
Lee has a lifetime 3.85 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, and 1,086 SO.  Halladay is a 3.32 ERA, a 1.18 WHIP, with 1,714 SO.  Roy has an entire half point ERA lower than Lee and 700 more strikeouts and he is being treated like a leper. 

I hope the Phillies do the right thing and up the contract of Roy Halladay right now.

Listen, in the end, the Yankees blew it too.  They should have given Lee a 48 hour, take it or leave it, window.  He used the Yankees' offer as leverage and the Yankees got burned.  But they deserved it.

Time will tell if this deal with work out or not....but for now....I am saying the Phillies made a big mistake here...and the fans in Philly will pay for it....literally...in the form of skyrocketing ticket prices.

Stay Tuned.....

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