Saturday, February 21, 2009

Help Needed for All-Time Yankee Stadium Stats

Hi Yankee Fans,

I am trying to compile some stats for Yankee Stadium. Anyone who can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I will be posting the stats on the website soon. Please make sure you can verify the source of where you got the information from. I do not want to post incorrect information. I am looking for the all-time leaders in Yankee Stadium history only. (Home games, not road games)

Any person who contributes, with their information, will have their name posted on the website with their name and home town to make sure they get credit.

Who has the most: (in Yankee Stadium History) (I need the player and the number)

Hits - Derek Jeter

Wins -

ERA (lowest) -

Home Runs -

Saves - Mariano Rivera

Stolen Bases -


Runs Scored -

Winning Percentage (Pitcher) -

Triples -

Doubles -

Singles -

Slugging Percentage -

Any other stat you may have.

Thanks for your time.....Brad

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