Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yankees 2009 Tickets

Dear Yankee and Baseball Fans,

As I am sure most people have figured out, tickets for the 2009 season are going to be very difficult to get. I have been in contact with the Yankees via phone and the ticket agent said all the 81 game, 41 game, and 20 game plans are sold out, with the exception of some very expensive packages left, meaning packages in which seats start at $350 for each game, per seat. With their being less seats than the old stadium and the demand of seeing the new ballpark, tickets are going to be hard to get and at that, very expensive through ticket brokers. I suggest to anyone that wants to get to the new ballpark to go in April and May when it is colder, as ticket demand is usually less at that time.

Also, you can check out my website for Yankee tickets. I do work with a ticket broker as this is the only way I can sell them, but asked for the LOWEST markup allowed by the company. Ticket Direct is where I purchase 99% of my tickets, with the other 1% being on eBay. I am skeptical about eBay because I have know many people who had problems. The biggest problem being the purchase of fake tickets or those that have bad barcodes. This year they expect fake tickets to be all over as the demand for tickets increase.

Please check out Ticket Direct at: and see what is available. I would suggest buying sooner than later before demand increases even greater and people start their "vacations" to the new stadium.

Take care.......

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