Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beyond Embarrassing

There is nothing to say except that was horrible and the Yankees should be ashamed. That was completely embarrassing and they looked worse that a High School team. Girardi better get things going or he will be gone!!!! Ramirez and Veras need to be designated for assignment ASAP. GONE! Wang....what can be done.....?????? Enough said....

New York Yankees Postgame Alert

April 18, 2009
Cleveland 22, N.Y. Yankees 4 at Yankee Stadium Cleveland Record: (4-8) N.Y. Yankees Record: (6-6)

Winning pitcher - Fausto Carmona (1-2)
Losing pitcher - Chien-Ming Wang (0-3)

Cleveland Runs: 22, Hits: 25, Errors: 1
N.Y. Yankees Runs: 4, Hits: 7, Errors: 1

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