Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yankees Still Show No Guts

Last night's loss is another example of why the RedSox currently "own" the Yankees. The Red Sox have gotten into the heads of the Yankees and the worse part about it is that the Yankees are allowing it to happen. We need to look back at Varitek going after A-Rod on July 24, 2004. Since that confrontation between the two, the RedSox have dominated the Yankees, both physically and mentally. After Ortiz's comments hit the New York papers on Friday, the Yankees had a chance last night to try and rechart history and make a statement. And what a better way that to have Joba step up on the mound and deliver a purpose pitch to let the Red Sox know the Yankees are back and not taking it anymore. Ortiz came and went, and finally Yuke' stepped into the box. Joba let both batters off without a statement pitch and the rest is history. I am never for throwing at someone with the intent to injure, but there are times when a pitcher must make a statement and last night the Yankees lost another opportunity to show some guts and try to regain what is rightfully theirs...their pride. Pride and heart is something this team has not showed in years and last night was another example of why it has been lost. Ortiz choose to make the statements in the newspaper and tried to get into the head of Joba and the Yankees....and it worked. Joba never looked comfortable on the mound and after he failed to cover homeplate on the past ball, he never had a chance. Ortiz, Yuke', and the rest of the Red Sox team once again showed why this rivalry has been dominated by them since the Varitek/A-Rod confrontation 5 short years ago. I am not sure at this point if the Yankees have what it takes to rebound. Yes, it is early in the season, but once again they showed a lack of heart and a desire to "right the ship" against the Red Sox. Even if they win the next two games in the series, Friday night will be the game remembered. Bottom line is that if Jeter made the comments in the paper that Ortiz did, Beckett would have put a pitch in Jeter's left ear the first at-bat of the game. I hope the Yankees do not get stupid today and try to retaliate now. It is too late and today it would be meaningless. And the guy....but to strikeout 3 times in his first 3 plate appearances was a joke. He barely lifted the bat off of his shoulder. You could even see Varitek with a grin each time his sat down after another K. I am not sure at this point what will turn this team around, but at this point, the Red Sox DOMINATE the Yankees and I give them all the credit in the world. They dominate them physically and mentally, the latter being the most important. We have to look back and find two names, Tanyon Sturtze and Don Zimmer. Those were the only two guys in Pinstripes that ever showed any guts going after the Red Sox. Zimmer got knocked to the ground by Pedro, and Tanyon came away bloodied and battered, but he still has his pride in tact after taking on 3 Red Sox players himself! I can only hope they win these last two and try to salvage a series that has already been lost.

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