Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New York Yankees Postgame Alert for July 8

Great win last night even though Andy was not sharp. He pitched well enough to get the win and move to 6-2 on the year. Great HR by Damon and a total of 4 HRs by the Yankees helped them win. Tonight is a huge game with Beckett facing Burnett. Lets hope the Yankees can build on their 1 game lead in the East after going 0-5 so far against Boston. Take care....Brad

New York Yankees Postgame Alert
June 8, 2009

Tampa Bay 3, N.Y. Yankees 5 at Yankee Stadium
Tampa Bay Record: (29-30)N.Y. Yankees Record: (34-23)

Winning pitcher - Andy Pettitte (6-2)
Losing pitcher - Andy Sonnanstine (4-6)
SV - Mariano Rivera (14)

Tampa Bay Runs: 3, Hits: 5, Errors: 0N.Y. Yankees Runs: 5, Hits: 6, Errors: 1
GAME LINKS:Game Recap & Box Score:http://link.mlblists.com/r/QEC90G/NOKO0/JZ6KB/FXFT7T/EWTEID/W1/t?a=partnerId=ed-2620542-55341588%26source=ed-2620542-55341588Visit yankees.com for more information:http://link.mlblists.com/r/QEC90G/NOKO0/JZ6KB/FXFT7T/XTKO68/W1/t?a=partnerId=ed-2620542-55341588%26source=ed-2620542-55341588Standings:http://link.mlblists.com/r/QEC90G/NOKO0/JZ6KB/FXFT7T/8ANW44/W1/t?a=partnerId=ed-2620542-55341588%26source=ed-2620542-55341588Game Notes:http://link.mlblists.com/r/QEC90G/NOKO0/JZ6KB/FXFT7T/C51YDY/W1/t?a=partnerId=ed-2620542-55341588%26source=ed-2620542-55341588Video Highlights:http://link.mlblists.com/r/QEC90G/NOKO0/JZ6KB/FXFT7T/YHD0OC/W1/t?a=partnerId=ed-2620542-55341588%26source=ed-2620542-55341588Photo Gallery:http://link.mlblists.com/r/QEC90G/NOKO0/JZ6KB/FXFT7T/6VR5MW/W1/t?a=partnerId=ed-2620542-55341588%26source=ed-2620542-55341588
Next N.Y. Yankees Game: June 9, 2009 07:10 PM ET vs. Boston Red Sox
Upcoming N.Y. Yankees Home Games:vs. New York Mets, June 12, 2009 07:05 PM ET http://link.mlblists.com/r/QEC90G/NOKO0/JZ6KB/FXFT7T/IY8JSN/W1/t?a=partnerId=ed-2620542-55341588%26source=ed-2620542-55341588vs. New York Mets, June 13, 2009 04:10 PM ET http://link.mlblists.com/r/QEC90G/NOKO0/JZ6KB/FXFT7T/TP5BHO/W1/t?a=partnerId=ed-2620542-55341588%26source=ed-2620542-55341588vs. New York Mets, June 14, 2009 01:05 PM ET http://link.mlblists.com/r/QEC90G/NOKO0/JZ6KB/FXFT7T/WLX682/W1/t?a=partnerId=ed-2620542-55341588%26source=ed-2620542-55341588

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