Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Subject: S.Bronx Takes Action Against the Yankees

Subject: S.Bronx Takes Action Against the Yankees

4DSBxCoalition145 East 149th Street, 2nd FloorBronx, New York 10451718 993-0909 /

For Immediate Release: June 1, 2009

For Information Contact: Ramon Jimenez, 718-993-0909

Yankee Promises, Broken Promises
. Bronx Coalition Demands Yanks Fulfill Their Promises On Wednesday, June 3rd , at 11am on 161st Street in front of the new Yankee Stadium, the 4DSBx Coalition formally renews the South and West Bronx campaign to get Yankee management to live up to its promises to be a partner for positive change and development for the surrounding community. In short, for the community to get the fairness, respect and financial supports agreed upon in the 2006 Community Benefits Agreement (CBA). The CBA is now available for everyone to read at the Coalition’s website: . The people living in the areas surrounding the stadiums (and throughout the South and West Bronx) are the communities most impacted by the traffic jams and detours, pollution, bus delays, noise and littering caused by the Yankees’ construction and games. Yankee promises to compensate these communities for their sacrifices and hassles to date have been worth little. “The Yankees made many promises to the South and West Bronx communities, but they have kept only one: they said they were going to take our park lands to build the new stadium and they did”, said Roberto Carrillo, Chair of the Coalition. “The replacement parkland has yet to appear and the Yankees continue to violate the Community Benefits Agreement”, continued Carrillo. “Randy Levine, the Yankees’ President, is the person responsible for providing answers. He signed the CBA for the Yankees. We’re asking everyone to call and ask Mr. Levine why the Yankees can’t keep their word. His number is 718-293-4300”, he concluded. The Coalition’s Call Randy Levine action kicks off with a press conference and simultaneous mass call-in on Wednesday, June 3rd at 11am on 161st in front of the new Yankee Stadium

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world,but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime. ~Babe Ruth

Yes, this is a fact and sad. This seems to be a theme with most sports teams. The Devils built the new arena in Newark and the area looks awful still. The neighborhood is horrible and nothing has been done that was promised. The same with the new ballpark in Washington D.C.. Great ballpark and the surrounding area is horrible. I cannot defend the Yankees in any way. The only thing I would add it that the new stadium just opened. It took years to complete and the old stadium still stands. The city of New York and Steiner Sports are what held up that deal. I cannot blame that on the Yankees. In the end, I will try to believe that all that they promised will be fulfilled. No one can expect that they complete this project in just a few months. I read that if the new Nassau Coliseum is built on Long Island, called the Lighthouse Project, it will take up to 10 years to build. Time will tell, but for now, yes, the Yankees must be held accountable for the promises they made and someone needs to oversee the project so that all parties are taken care of..... Be well..... Brad

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