Monday, February 23, 2009

What is happening to Old Yankee Stadium?

If anyone has any information on what is delaying the taking down of Yankee Stadium, please post it here. Shea is completely down and Yankee Stadium is still standing. What is the hangup? I hear Steiner Sports is trying to buy rights to the stadium and sell many of the items from the stadium themselves, but nothing else.

Let it be known that I am one who is in favor of the Old Stadium staying up and being used as a field for kids and as a museum. The place is a shrine and should not be touched. But the city said they are knocking it down, and nothing yet.

Thanks for any information....


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yankees 2009 Tickets

Dear Yankee and Baseball Fans,

As I am sure most people have figured out, tickets for the 2009 season are going to be very difficult to get. I have been in contact with the Yankees via phone and the ticket agent said all the 81 game, 41 game, and 20 game plans are sold out, with the exception of some very expensive packages left, meaning packages in which seats start at $350 for each game, per seat. With their being less seats than the old stadium and the demand of seeing the new ballpark, tickets are going to be hard to get and at that, very expensive through ticket brokers. I suggest to anyone that wants to get to the new ballpark to go in April and May when it is colder, as ticket demand is usually less at that time.

Also, you can check out my website for Yankee tickets. I do work with a ticket broker as this is the only way I can sell them, but asked for the LOWEST markup allowed by the company. Ticket Direct is where I purchase 99% of my tickets, with the other 1% being on eBay. I am skeptical about eBay because I have know many people who had problems. The biggest problem being the purchase of fake tickets or those that have bad barcodes. This year they expect fake tickets to be all over as the demand for tickets increase.

Please check out Ticket Direct at: and see what is available. I would suggest buying sooner than later before demand increases even greater and people start their "vacations" to the new stadium.

Take care.......

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Selig Must Take Responsibility

Mr. Bud Selig is doing everything is his power to distance himself from steroids and baseball. Mr. Selig needs to be reminded that most of the steroid era occurred during his watch and his tenure as commissioner of baseball. Selig is paid over $18 million a year. His salary is higher than that of any commissioner in any sport by a long shot. Selig, a former owner himself, was hand picked by the owners of baseball to run their league in order to look out for the best interests of the owners. That best interest is Mr. Selig and the owners had no problem stuffing their pockets with money during the McGwire/Sosa home run chase when they all knew all along what they were putting in their bodies. They turned a blind eye to what was so obvious and now he is the one outraged? Are you kidding me Mr. Selig? The cheating in baseball, and lets call it what it is, cheating, made you a rich man. You can try to spin it anyway you want to, but you got caught, just like A-Rod, Clemens, Pettitte, and Bonds did. That is the bottom line and you should be removed as commissioner. The players should take the most responsibility and you are right behind them in terms of blame. You can talk all you want about these new drug polices that you give yourself credit for, but we all know the tests are a joke. A blood test is the only answer...a blood test that will be marked and kept for as long as MLB wants to keep it. If it meant that much to you and the owners, then demand the CBA be changed and reflect the strictest drug policy in all of sports. And yes, lock the players out if they do not agree. Anything less is a joke and you know it. Why won't you lock them out? Bottom line is that you and the owners would lose money. So you have made it clear, money is more important than running a clean sport. You are a joke Mr. Selig and you should be ashamed. You along with Mr. Fehr and the other cronies should all be removed from your positions and people who really love the game, not the money, take over and make this league move forward in the right direction. Not the direction which leads right to your bank account. We owe it to the fans, our children, and the greatest game of

Help Needed for All-Time Yankee Stadium Stats

Hi Yankee Fans,

I am trying to compile some stats for Yankee Stadium. Anyone who can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I will be posting the stats on the website soon. Please make sure you can verify the source of where you got the information from. I do not want to post incorrect information. I am looking for the all-time leaders in Yankee Stadium history only. (Home games, not road games)

Any person who contributes, with their information, will have their name posted on the website with their name and home town to make sure they get credit.

Who has the most: (in Yankee Stadium History) (I need the player and the number)

Hits - Derek Jeter

Wins -

ERA (lowest) -

Home Runs -

Saves - Mariano Rivera

Stolen Bases -


Runs Scored -

Winning Percentage (Pitcher) -

Triples -

Doubles -

Singles -

Slugging Percentage -

Any other stat you may have.

Thanks for your time.....Brad

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yankee Stadium Seats for Sale

If anyone knows when the seats from the old Stadium will be for sale, please make a post. I have heard that Steiner Sports is trying to acquire the rights to the stadium and they will handle the sale. I have heard rumors of seats selling from $500 to as high as $1000. Any information that can be verified is appreciated. The Mets sold theirs for about $869 for a pair of seats and I heard they sold 16,000 of them. The city kept 70% of the sale and the Mets got the other 30% and donated it to charity. Nice donation on part of the Mets.

Thanks for any information...


Alex Rodriguez and Steriods and MLB

Hi Fans,

I know we all have feelings about A-Rod and the Steriod issue that has taken over the front and back pages of every newspaper and sports magazine in America. Is anyone really shocked? Any true fan of the game that has been following along should not be. This was not a shock and was "only a matter of time". Even after admitting to doing steriods from 2001-2003, I do think that he will be linked to PEDs in the 2004 season as well, his first as a Yankee. It seems quite clear that he was tipped off in 2004 of an upcoming test. If this did happen, the truth will come out eventually.

At this point, it is very hard to trust A-Rod in any way, shape, or form. His word is not longer going to be believed because of what has not occurred. Whether it was his interview with Katie Couric or his "interview" with Peter Gammons, any interview in the future will looked "staged". It is going to take him a long time, if ever, to regain the trust of the baseball world and the viewing audience.

The bottom line is where do we go from here. First off, the other 103 players MUST be named. Otherwise, it is not fair to the other 600-700 players as they are now "guilty by suspicion". My only point might be to not name the players who are now retired. Not that anyone deserves a pass, but I would only name the players playing today.

MLB, Selig, and Fehr look worse and worse every day that this passes. But we were all "involved" in one way or another as most fans all knew that players were doing steroids, of we all looked the other way. Baseball was riding the home run show by McGwire and Sosa and ignored the obvious. As each home run cleared the wall, they all looked the other way, and so did we, the fans of the game. We lost perspective of what was important with each passing home run. I can only imagine today that Roger Maris was rolling in his grave as each home run cleared the wall. We now know that Mr. Roger Maris is still the "true" single season home run king. And to me, Mr. Henry Aaron is still the all-time home run champion.

Time will tell what happens to Mr. Rodriguez and the game of baseball, but the threat of Mr. Selig to punish A-Rod or anyone else is an outrage. Mr. Selig needs to cover his own tracks and worry about his own image. This all occurred on his watch and he is responsible. These were his players and ultimately, he is responsible for everything that occurred during his watch. It was all summed up when the Mitchell report was published and Mr. Selig said he did not yet have time to read it. 2 years to complete a report and he did not have time. Enough said....

It will be interesting to see how A-Rod handles the pressure in New York and all over the country. The chant of "A-Roid" will be the least of his worries....



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