Sunday, March 7, 2021

42 Today - Jackie Robinson and His Legacy by Michael G. Long - NEW BOOK! GREAT READ!


As We Approach Baseball Season,
A Great New Baseball Book is Out!

42 Today - Jackie Robinson and His Legacy
by Michael G. Long

This is a great chronicle of and collection of stories about
one of the most impactable players to ever play the game.
"42 Today" is a book of essays by Long and 13 other writers
who each write about the impact Robinson had on
baseball, politics, civil rights, business, activism, and
so much more.  This is much more than a baseball book!

All of the contributors added their own perspective of Robinson and his impact on baseball and life.  For me, the essay from Peter Dreier stood out the most.  I enjoyed his insight on Robinson's contributions and insight on politics and business.  I was fascinated to learn more about Robinson's support for candidates based on those who made real change, not just political party.  I did not know he went back and forth on support for Nixon and Kennedy and even had to end his support of Nixon just 3 weeks prior to the election.  His statements on leaving the GOP were staunch, and was followed by his support of Humphrey over Nixon in 1968.   And his refusal to participate in the 1969 Old Timer's Game really hit home as he knew baseball still had a long way to go to break the color barrier. The confrontation between Bob Feller and Jackie summed it all up.

This is a highly recommended read for any baseball fan,
but also anyone who wants to learn more about REAL change and how Jackie went about it.

Grab your copy today at Amazon and other great retailers!