Thursday, February 4, 2021

Babe Ruth's 126th Birthday Celebration! February 6, 2021!

Greetings, All Fans of Babe Ruth!

This Saturday, February 6, is Babe Ruth's 126th Birthday, in celebration of which a toast will be held, in tribute to both his birthday, and to his immortal season of 1921 - the greatest individual slugging season of all time.

The toast is scheduled for 19:21aka 7:21 pm, 
at whatever location works best for each individual fan, whether it be at home, or out and about with friends and fellow fans.  The toast can be made with any drink desired - a Big League drink, or one of Babe's favorite soft drinks, or whatever else you may wish!

As a gift to Babe and his fans for both his Birthday and this Centennial Celebration of his immortal season of 1921, baseball historians from around the country have created the new website linked below, devoted exclusively to Babe's 1921 season:


"By the Numbers" (Sabermetrics analyses)