Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New pitcher, same result - Yankees lose 6-4.

Hughes came in and tried to right the ship, but to no avail. The Yankee bats were quiet early and the lead was too much to overcome. Now the Redsox are 4-0 against the Yankees this year and things are looking worse at the moment. In the 6-4 loss last night, Tex hit 2 HRs in the losing cause. Lets hope that his bat is waking up and he gets more consistent in his swings. The nest starts from all the starters are crucial ones. The Yankees starting staff has been getting battered around. What was supposed to be the strong point of this team, so far is the weakest. I still think Joba has to go back into the bullpen in due time, but right now, the Yankees cannot afford to let him go there. These next 10 games will be crucial in what determining what direction this team is headed. Joba and Beckett go head to head tonight in this must-win game for the Yankees. The Yankees have the Rays and Orioles coming up after the Redsox, both on the road. But then they come home for a long home stand against the Twins, Orioles, and Phillies. I think we will know a lot about this team by May 25 when the home stand ends. By this date, the Yankees must be at least 5 games over .500, if not more. If they are still hovering around the .500 mark by then, it could be a very long season and trades may be in the works. Time will tell.....soon enough....


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