Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things Are Turning Around

Well, if you have been reading my blog, I said that the Memorial Day weekend would be a good "point" in the season to make an evaluation. Well, at this point, compared to where things were, the Yankees have made huge strides. Yes, the 9 game win steak in what fueled them to their current 2nd place standing in the AL East. But more than that, this team is attaining their identity. More than other teams in the past, this Yankee lineup is more relaxed and definitely having more fun.

Recent High Points -
*Phil Hughes! Pitching great and deserves another start.
*The 9 game win streak. Enough said.
*Melky - Has been playing great while battling for playing time.

Low Points -
*Matsui - not hitting well and looks like his knee is really bothering him.
*Posada - You have to start to worry soon. I LOVE JORGE but did not like the 4 year signing. Lets hope he heals soon and gets back in the lineup.

I attended the Sunday 11 inning game. I had bleacher seats in section 239 but never made it there. It was HOT in the sun, so we stood up in section 315 in the shade and watched the game from there. There was a nice breeze up there. Tough loss but we stayed all 11 innings. I attended the game with by buddy Gary, a Phillies fan, so he got to enjoy the win! What bothered me was not sending the runners with Tex, who hit into the double play. Also, Matsui needed to lay down the bunt there. That hurt.

Great rebound win in Texas with A-Rod going 5 for 5. Much needed hits and Joba needs to pitch well tonight and get off to a good start.....

Take care....Brad

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