Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Game 3 and Girardi

There is a lot of blame to go around for game 3.

1.) Poor managing
2.) Lack of clutch hitting
3.) Lack of clutch pitching

Lets start with Girardi. He tried to outmanage Mike and got burned. Pettitte should have finished the inning. Joba was horrible! Why is Gaudin on the roster if Joe is not going to use him? Joe managed that game like it was game 7 of the WS and lost. Mo should have come out for one more inning as well.

Will Teixeria hit? His bat needs to come to life if the Yankees are going to do something in the ALCS and the WS, if they make it there. A-Rod has carried this team enough. Jeter has been amazing, but he cannot do it alone.

Melky, Cano, Damon, and Swisher have all been quiet. It is time for them to hit in the big spot.

Tonight will tell a lot about this team. They need to bounce back and EARN the win...They cannot expect the Angels to continue to make mistakes and hand them games.

GO Yankees!

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