Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yankees Advance to Face the Angels

Well, the time has almost come. The ALCS. The Yankees won over 100 regular season games and now the real test begins. The Yankees played well in their sweep of the Twins, but the Angels are a totally different ballpark. I was a little shocked to hear today about Girardi wanting to go with a 3-man rotation. My initial response was shock and being upset. But after thinking about it more, maybe it is not a bad move. They have plenty of time to rest and CC pitching on 3 days rest, should not be an issue. Joba needs to stay in the bullpen as Hughes was not lights out in the ALDS. The one things the Angels are going to do is run, run, and run some more. Jorge and Jose are going to be busy, and the Yankees' pitchers must not let the runners distract them. With Mo and Hughes in the pen, it is basically a 7-inning game for the Yankees. CC, AJ, and Andy must come up big and not give up the big inning. A run here and there is fine, but there cannot be 3 and 4 run innings or this team is done. The post-season is always great because it will be a non-star that will make the big play or get the big hit. A Melky, a Swisher, a Garnder, etc. That is usually where it is won....Lets get ready for Friday night. I will be at the game and cheering the Yankees on to have a chance to win it's 27 World Championship. GO YANKEES!

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