Sunday, October 11, 2009

Response to the article written by George Mole', "Save a Piece of Yankee History"

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the article written by George Mole', "Save a Piece of Yankee History,” published in the Norwood News on October 8th.

Mr. Mole' is absolutely correct in everything he stated in his wonderfully written article. Nothing defines the Bronx or the borough's success more than Yankee Stadium. Not only has Yankee Stadium been the heart and soul of the Bronx since 1923, but it has shared those values with all of America, and even the world.

This icon has meant more to people than just the greatest venue in sports. Why else would Popes hold mass and the memorial to 9/11 victims be held there?

The House That Ruth Built has been a great source of pride to the Bronx. To save Gate 2 will ensure that the horrendous mistakes of losing Ebbets Field and the Polo Grounds will not be repeated. It will also give rise to great dreams of those playing at, visiting, and respecting Heritage Park, as well as be a solid tourist destination for tourists that visit from all around the world.

Speak up to your political leaders. You have a marvelous monument already standing. You don’t want to lose it. If you do, when people go to Heritage Park and ask why not one remnant of glorious Yankee Stadium is left standing, you will have yourselves and your leaders to blame. Yankee Stadium has given much joy and pride to the Bronx. The least we can all do is to save Gate 2. Yankee Stadium has earned it, and so has the Bronx!

-Michael Wagner

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