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Update on Yankee Stadium Gate 2

Update on Yankee Stadium Gate 2

By Mike Silva ~ September 16th, 2009. Filed under: Announcements.

Last month I had Mark Costello join me live from the studios of 1240 AM WGBB to talk about his groups attempt to preserve Gate 2 of the old Yankee Stadium. Earlier today Mark sent me an update, along with the following press release (see below). I thought the readers of the site would be interested in the progress. Also, Mark’s group has a meeting with the Bronx Borough President this coming Monday (9/21) about the situation. If you are interested in getting involved or want to contact the group go to

Save Yankee Stadium Gate 2 Press Release

Recently, there have been multiple newspaper articles published regarding the proposal to preserve the original Yankee Gate 2 as part of the design for the new Heritage Field, to be built on the site of the original Yankee Stadium (The House that Ruth Built). Unfortunately, some of the information in the articles from quoted sources is inaccurate. This update specifically addresses those inaccuracies, as well as adding some additional clarification.

Cost: $1 Million or Less

Unnamed sources have been quoted that preserving, restoring, and stabilizing the Gate will cost $10 Million.

However, assessments we have received from several architects and structural engineering firms have determined preserving Gate 2 to be a simple/straightforward project. They have estimated that the expense of its restoration would be approximately $1 million, a small fraction (less than 2%) of the overall cost to build Heritage Field.

Discussions with several contractors indicate their willingness to volunteer services for this effort. Similar to the current Polo Grounds Staircase Project, fundraising through pledges can produce additional financial options. The sale of commemorative paving bricks also has the potential to defray much of this cost. The Gate as a freestanding structure would require minimal on-going maintenance. Made of super-hard Edison Portland cement, Gate 2 is almost indestructible.

Originality: 80 Percent

Parks Planners have been quoted stating Gate 2 has been substantially changed since its construction and therefore is not worthy of preservation. In fact, there is a general misconception that not much of the original Stadium survived the 1970’s renovation.

On the contrary, a substantial amount of the original stadium from the original 1920’s era ballpark remains, and of that, Gate 2 is the most architecturally significant element.

Today Gate 2 is 80% original, even after the 1973-76 renovations. Historical photographs, blueprints, historians, and baseball experts confirm this originality. The small modifications made to the upper portion of the Gate are compatible with the original 1920’s design and if retained in the preserved Gate, would allow it to include elements of the 1923 construction, the 1928 expansion and the 1976 modernization.

Current Plan: Nothing to be Retained from Original Stadium

The current design for Heritage Field does not retain anything from before the 1973-76 renovations. Nothing of the original Stadium would remain. This deficiency has been noted by the New York City Design Commission, who has requested that the NYC Parks Department revise the current park plan to better “capture the historical significance of the original Yankee Stadium.”

Preserving Gate 2 is the best way to provide the needed historical, architectural, and cultural link back to the 1920’s. Preserving Gate 2 would create a dignified monument to the rich history of The Bronx, the Yankees, and all events held within these majestic confines. Such a celebrated piece of history would serve as an “Arch of Triumph” for the Borough of The Bronx and would be a tourist attraction all year long. It could be another focal point of the community and significantly enhance local business revenues.

A NY Daily News Poll taken in mid-August asked, “It’s important to have that piece of the old Stadium in place?” The results were 78% in favor despite the fact that the high $10 Million cost estimate was used as a basis in the poll question. In addition, we have received 99% favorable and supportive comments on our website, with more than 15,000 website hits. This is clear indication that the general public is in favor of preserving Gate 2.

The complete details of our proposal, including renderings and animations, are located on our website at

We welcome the opportunity to provide additional information, to meet in-person and to discuss our proposal with all interested individuals.

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