Sunday, April 25, 2010

What are your thoughts on New Yankee Stadium?

Hello Yankee Fans,

Now that one full season is in the books, and year two of the new stadium is in full swing, what are your thoughts on the new stadium? I have had a chance to visit the new stadium for about 20 games so far. I was lucky enough to attend game one of the ALDS, game one of the ALCS, and game two of the 2009 World Series last year. This year, I have only been able to attend one game on April 18, 2010. Baseball Tickets for the game were very affordable.  Each game I sat in the upper deck, but had a great view of the field and enjoyed the seats. My regular seasons tickets were in section 238 last season, the bleachers, but I moved to section 409 this season. I actually love the bleachers, but the sun can be a killer out there. The only other thing that can be bad about the bleachers, depending on where you are sitting, is the view of the scoreboard. There are some sections of the bleachers in which you cannot see the scoreboard or you have to turn around completely to see it. It can become a pain after a while.

Overall the new stadium is great and I really enjoy it. It is not perfect and does have it's quirks. It will take time to make new memories in the new stadium, but over time, I think people will begin to call this stadium "home" more and more.

Let me be clear, nothing will ever match "The House That Ruth Built", but for a modern ballpark with all the amenities, the Yankees did a pretty good job. I just wish they did a better job of honoring the Old Stadium and all of its history. One thing the Yankees messed up on was not supporting the effort of saving Gate 2 at Old Yankee Stadium. That majestic entrance would have been a great historical representation of the Old Stadium and all it's glory.

New Yankee Stadium Summary:
Positives: The Grand Hall, More Bathrooms, Better Sight-Lines, Easier to Navigate around the Stadium, Better Amenities, The Scoreboard!

Negatives: Parking, Prices, Monument Park (Old Monument Park was bigger and laid out better), Some Obstructed View Seats(Though they are $5 to be fair)

Enjoy the season and I hope you take the time to share your thought on New Yankee Stadium.....

Be well,


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