Monday, September 13, 2010

Yankees - Over the Hill and Too Slow?

After coming off a sweep by Texas, more questions than answers are raised about this Yankee team.  The age of this Yankee team has to come in question.  Batting averages have plummeted this season.  For the first time, Jeter looks lost at the plate.  Though A-Rod and Tex have the power numbers, their averages are mediocre at best.  Swish and Gardner are now both under .300 and Cano has taken a nose dive as well.  Curtis has been a disappointment, especially with the way Austin Jackson is playing.  Girardi is going to have to make some tough decisions soon.  His moves cannot be based on contracts.  They need to be made on merit.  AJ is a great example of that.  His contract cannot guarantee him a start in the post-season.  Only his performance can do that.  CC and Andy will be the keys to this post-season, but even it they pitch above their ability, the lack of hitting will end their season early.  The Yankees had better wake up, and soon, or the next time they will be them watching the playoffs...from their homes.


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