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The Amazing, Brain-Teasing Yankee Quiz III by Harvey Frommer

The Amazing, Brain-Teasing Yankee Quiz III

By Harvey Frommer

All kinds of hot stove rumors, trades, talk are part of the baseball scene these December days but no baseball. Still there are enough fans much interested in all things Yankees. So as a result of popular demand—here is the third installment of the brain-teaser called ULTIMATE YANKEE QUIZ.
(No peeking at answers below)

Incidentally, your loyal scribe is hard at work on what is being billed as “The Ultimate Yankee Book” so if you have questions and answers, stories, sidebars, please send them along for the book.

Now—let’s get to the quiz:

31. Who founded “Yankeeland Farm” in Frederick, Maryland after his playing career ended and had a successful career as a breeder?
A Charlie Keller B Tom Tresh C. Elston Howard D Bob Kuzava

32. Who was the central figure when the first Old-Timers game was staged in a major-league park and the first uniform number retired?
A. Babe Ruth B. Lou Gehrig C Lefty Gomez D. Joe McCarthy

33. Who was the General Manager before Brian Cashman?
A. Bob Watson B. Lou Piniella C. Bob Quinn D. Gene Michael

34. How Many games did Ron Guidry win in his record Cy Young season of 1978? A. 19 B. 20 C. 23. D. 25

35. Who was nicknamed "Chairman of the Board?"
A. Whitey Ford B. Reggie Jackson C. Yogi Berra D. Frank Howard

36. Who was the last Yankee and major leaguer to wear Number 42?
A. Billy Martin B. Mariano Rivera C. Carlos Beltran D. Johnny Blanchard
A. Rivera is the last active major leaguer to wear number 42

37. Who wore #51 for sixteen Yankees seasons, from 1991-2006?
A. Paul O’Neill B. Hideo Matsui C. Bernie Williams D. Jorge Posada

38 . Who replaced Joe Torre as Yankee manager in 2008?

39. Who was called "Donnie Baseball"?

40. Who made the first error in Yankee Stadium history?
A. Lou Gehrig B. Babe Ruth C. Tony Lazzeri D. Wally Pipp

41. What pitcher did Bucky Dent hit the go-ahead home run off at Fenway Park in the 1978 tie breaker game?
A. Mike Torrez B. Dennis Eckersley C. Bill Lee D. Bob Stanley


31. A Charlie Keller
32. B. Lou Gehrig
33. A. Bob Watson 34. C. 25-3
35. A. Whitey Ford
36. B. Mariano Rivera
37. C. Bernie Williams
38. He is still there as of this writing – Joe Girardi
39. Don Mattingly
40. B. Babe Ruth
41. A. Mike Torrez

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