Saturday, October 8, 2016

Stadium Voices - A New Book in the Works by Baseball Historian Michael Wagner

 I am now in the process of writing a new baseball book.  It will be called Stadium Voices:
Stadium Voices will be a book about our memories of our treasured baseball teams and stadiums. Whether going to a baseball game with your dad or friends, or taking your sons and daughters to cheer on your heroes, our home team arenas became a second home to us.
Each of us is a living encyclopedia filled with memories and experiences that we remember with love.  Whether it’s the smell of hot dogs and beer, the sight of your favorite heroes hitting home runs, stealing a base, or attending an Old Timers’ or World Series game, we cherish these recollections.  Exploring various stadiums and getting autographs bring other fond memories to your heart and mind.  Through our words and memories, the past can instantaneously become the present, for which we and baseball’s past shall forever be linked.
Sadly, many of our old stomping grounds are now a thing of the past.  Nothing lives forever, not even us.  However, our words and feelings can live on when we are gone, through our words and pictures.
Having completed my first book, “Babe’s Place: The Lives of Yankee Stadium,” in 2015, I am now on a new course of adventure.  Many people have made “Babe’s Place” a wonderful book thanks to their input, for which I and the baseball historical world shall forever be indebted.
I’m now compiling information and writing a book about baseball experiences through the eyes of its fans.  It will also include baseball players and umpires as well.  This only involves Major League baseball stadiums no longer in existence or no longer in use. Should you like to add your memories &/or photos of such stadium(s), or if you know anyone else that would like to do so, please do so on this thread, or contact me at my e-mail address:
Please be specific in order to add more flavor to your story, if possible.  For example, add your age at the time in your life that you’re writing about, the year, and even the smallest details that you think may not matter.  Even the smallest facts can add greatly to your story, especially if many people add their experiences.  This will give a more complete picture of the overall story and bring alive the feeling of the particular stadium to which you are referring.  This will be a very exciting project!
Thank you.
I wish to thank Brad Turnow and Chris Jones for their very helpful suggestions.  They are wonderful friends and great baseball historians, among so many others that I know.
Please visit Brad’s superb New York Yankees historical information at:
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