Monday, March 30, 2009

Brett Gardner named starting Center Fielder

The Yankees and Girardi announced that Brett Gardner is the starting Center Fielder. I like the move and it is a needed one. What I do not like is that he will not be leading off at this point. Word is Girardi wants Jeter to lead off and have Damon hit #2. I hope that changes. Brett is the fastest guy on the team and maybe all of baseball. Having him hit #9 is not a smart move. Since the days of Rickey Henderson, the Yankees have lacked a true lead-off hitter. Brett can be that guy if given the chance. The Yankees have to try and move Melky and/or Swisher. Too many outfielders and too many DHs. Enough is enough. We need a solid utility infield player and the Yankees lack that at this point. A guy like a Luis Sojo is needed and the Yankees should be looking for someone like that.

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