Friday, March 6, 2009

Decision on A-Rod - Surgery or Not?

I have to ask about the timing of A-Rod's injury. If coaches like Kevin Long are saying now they noticed something was wrong with A-Rod last year during the season, why was he not evaluated back then? With someone who takes such good care of his body, or at least as we were led to believe he did, how did A-Rod not get an evaluation last season or during the off-season. Chase Utley played through a hip injury and had surgery in the off-season and now is almost ready to go. With an injury like this, the Yankees would be smart to have A-Rod have the surgery and get him back in 3-4 months and be ready to go for the summer. I do not mind if they wait a week or two, but they cannot wait 2 or 3 months and then decide that he needs surgery, basically losing him for the season. It just makes no sense. Hip injuries are serious. Just ask Bo Jackson and Albert Belle. Two athletes whose careers were shortened by bad hips. Time will tell, but I would have him get the surgery and get his rehabbed started ASAP. Keep the 3rd base job within the organization. Make no trades at this point. We already have several players, i.e. Nady, etc. who could be tried at 3rd base until he comes back. It will be difficult to replace 4o to 50 home runs and 120 plus RBI, but the Yankees should be able to hold off until his return.

Alex, have the surgery now and get back soon!

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  1. Well, A-Rod has opted for surgery. Not the "full" surgery, but minor surgery. At this point, I will give A-Rod credit for having the surgery, but again, the timing is awful. My biggest worry is the Yankees playing well and then upon his return, they fall apart. A-Rod already had a lot of "rebuilding" to do with teammates, and now he must wait even longer. Time will tell....

    ESPN reports "TAMPA, Fla. -- Alex Rodriguez will have arthroscopic hip surgery Monday and is expected to miss six to nine weeks. The Yankees slugger will need further surgery after the season. The diagnosis by Dr. Marc Philippon on Sunday was yet another jolt to Rodriguez during a tumultuous month in which the three-time AL MVP admitted using steroids from 2001-03 while with Texas. Philippon spoke from Vail, Colo., on a conference call with Yankees general manager Brian Cashman. Philippon, a noted hip specialist with the Steadman Hawkins Clinic, will perform the procedure. Also on the call was team physician Chris Ahmad. Philippon is confident in the "85-90 percent range" that Rodriguez will be able to play through the entire regular season. He also said it's more likely that A-Rod's recovery will take closer to six weeks rather than nine."