Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keeper of the Pinstripes - Movie Announced

I saw on TV that Robbie Benson is directing a movie staring Josh Lucas as Thurman Munson. The movie is called "Keeper of the Pinstripes". It is about Thurman Munson and Lou Gehrig and the famous room they both stayed in to "get away from things". The room was sealed off after Munson's death and recently opened. If anyone has any further details on the movie, please post it here and let us know. It is scheduled at this time to come out in 2010. I would love to know if they did or will film any of the movie at the old stadium. I also heard that Ray Negron, the author, was filming a movie at the old stadium but I cannot confirm this.



  1. The movie will be filmed in the new and old Yankee Stadiums. It is a family-feel-good story and mainly has to do with a young teen and his ability to convince the all-time Yankee greats to leave one home and go to another. Its a modern day fable and is whimsical. I've heard that it is Harry Potter meets Willy Wonks meets the Yankees... and there is a sixth-sense feel to the story, as there is a ghost, who you don't know is a ghost until half way through. Its Pete Sheehy! Thats why they came up with the title "Keeper of the Pinstripes". I heard it'll be filmed this summer and fall and will be coming out before the start of next baseball season so people can look back and see what REALLY happened at the start of this season, and if the ghosts actually made it over. They are keeping it under the radar and very confidential, but I have a source. I don't think this has much to do with Ray Negron. There was a book or something that came from Ray that they were going to try to make into a movie, but I think the story changed completely and they're not using him.

  2. Thanks for the information Dan. Sounds interesting.


  3. Dan,

    Your very well-informed about our project but unguided.. Ray Negron's #2 Best children's book, The Boy of Steel: A Baseball Dream Come True, is in fact the cornerstone of the movie and our cast is even better...

    For our fans, our cast includes and possibly includes the following..

    Josh Lucas, Richard Gere, James Gandolfini, Dev patel, Jon Lovitz, Darryl Strawberry, Bernie Williams..

    In the possibility group which is only days away.. Jackie Martling, Jon Voight, Kurtwood Smith (from that 70's Show), are up for George Steinbrenner...

    I'd hate to ruin all the great surprises that comes with a fun mystery such as this...

    I am asking all readers to offer their suggestions if they are fans of the story..


    If there are any more questions feel free to comment..

  4. Rob -

    any more info (press release or website or otherwise) would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Huge Yankee fan and would love to take part in the filming. Carpenter by trade, actor at heart. Rob can you help me out.

  6. Rob.

    Are you Robbie Benson? That might sound like a dumb question, but you say "our cast" and "our fans" so I'm making an assumption.