Monday, March 2, 2009

Mickey Mantle's Live Internet Radio with Ruth's Grandaughter

If you do not know, Linda Ruth Tosetti, is the granddaughter of the one and only, Babe Ruth. She is a class act and a wonderful person to meet. Read below and listen to the radio clip of where she celebrated Ruth's birthday at Mickey Mantle's Restaurant in New York City on February 6, 2009. It is a great piece....

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The Babe Ruth Birthday Bash
Lida Ruth Tosetti, the granddaughter of the legendary Babe Ruth, is celebrating the Bambino's birthday in a big way, as she and a slew of guests will be on "Live From Mickey Mantle's" Friday, Feb. 6 is Babe's 60th birthday since he died in 1948. Just before he died, his great friend and great songwriter, Peter De Rose, (who also wrote 'Deep Purple') played a song for him - titled "BABE" - at this last (very big) birthday party, at The Cardinal, a restaurant/nightclub right near where Mickey Mantle's is now. This song was never recorded. It's only been heard by once by those lucky enough to attend Babe's party - which included a Who's Who of A-List celebrities. The new song will make its World Premiere on the show.

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