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Anniversary Vigil and Tribute at Old Yankee Stadium - 4/18/2010

Anniversary Vigil & Tribute
Old Yankee Stadium
Sunday, April 18, 2010
Twelve Noon
Old Babe Ruth Plaza
Outside Old Yankee Stadium
On April 18, 1923, the New York Yankees opened the majestic gates of Old Yankee Stadium for the very first time. In true Ruthian fashion, the Babe, "baptized the stadium with a savage home run", propelling the team to not only a Opening Day victory over the rival Red Sox, but also to the franchise's first World Championship season. The Yankees ultimately became the greatest sports franchise in history, and "The House that Ruth Built" the greatest stadium in American history. Indeed, so stunningly and immediately magnificent and important was the Stadium that it was immediately compared by writers around the world to the Roman Coliseum, and Pyramids of Ancient Egypt, the likes of which had not been built in over two millennia.
In honor of The Stadium's 87th Anniversary, its preeminent place in history, and in tribute to all the greats and great events that have graced its hallowed ground, the Committee to Commemorate Old Yankee Stadium & will be participating in an
Anniversary Vigil & Tribute to Old Yankee Stadium
Sunday, April 18, 2010
Twelve Noon at old Babe Ruth Plaza
Prior to 1:05 Yankees Game
at New Yankee Stadium
We hope to see you there!
Attendees are Encouraged to Bring Flowers and Other Tributes to Leave at the Stadium Site as a Final Farewell.
Commemorative Speeches & Music are Welcomed.
For Previous Media Releases, Stories & Related Videos, Please See:
For Further Information, Please contact:
Brad Turnow
(516) 523-4749
(631) 874-5754
Tim Reid
Committee to Commemorate Old Yankee Stadium
(754) 368-1295
The Committee to Commemorate to Old Yankee Stadium has the following four (4) urgent missions:
1) To Assure the new park site at "OLD YANKEE STADIOUM PARK" is "world-class", as the City has promised it will be, properly commemorating the history of Old Yankee Stadium. This urgently includes, among other commememorations, preservation of Old Yankee Stadium Gate 2 as a permanent commemorative feature at Old Yankee Stadium Park. To achieve this, we have worked extensively with the City of New York, and proposed the SAVE THE GATE COMMEMORATIVE BRICK DRIVE and VOLUNTEER WORKER PROGRAM.
2) To name the new park site of Old Yankee Stadium "OLD YANKEE STADIUM PARK", a majestically unique and infinitely more appealing, accurate, and appropriate name than "Heritage Field". The currently proposed name has been widely criticized by Baseball, historical and architectural experts (as well as legions of informed fans and concerned citizens) as grossly common, bland, ambiguous, and terribly disconnected from the site's preeminent role in New York history, including its internationally unmatched history in Baseball. (Indeed, there are many dozens of Heritage Parks and Fields across the country, including the Cleveland Indians "Heritage Park" - right in the AL East!!!)
3) To name the baseball field in Old Yankee Stadium Park, "BABE RUTH MEMORIAL FIELD" in tribute to the most renowned player and icon in Baseball history, and to replace the original "BABE RUTH MEMORIAL FIELD" which was destroyed to make room for new Yankee Stadium. (BABE RUTH MEMORIAL FIELD was intended to be a "permanent" tribute to Babe Ruth's immortal and unparalleled contributions to the City of New York. It's destruction, along with the destruction of "The House That Ruth Built", leaves the City devoid of any public tribute to America's greatest and most beloved sports figure.
4) Application to the U.S. Department of Interior for long-overdue National Landmark status for the site of Old Yankee Stadium, which will provide even further (stimulus and historic preservation) funds available to the City of New York for the preservation of Gate 2 and complete commemoration of "Old Yankee Stadium Park."
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