Monday, October 25, 2010

Yankees fire Dave Eiland - By Andrew Marchand ESPN

Yankees fire Dave Eiland By Andrew Marchand


NEW YORK -- In the wake of the disappointing end to New York's season, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has fired pitching coach Dave Eiland.

Picking Up The Pinstripes

The Yankees need to retool after an ALCS defeat. Tell us which ones you'd keep -- and which ones you'd cut.
"I'm not going into any detail about what the reasons were," Cashman said on Monday.

Cashman said it had nothing to do with how poorly the Yankees pitched in the American League Championship Series, where they were eliminated by the Texas Rangers in six games. Cashman termed the decision a "private" one.

Toward the end of the first half, Eiland missed nearly a month with an undisclosed personal problem. Eiland's absence coincided with the downfall of A.J. Burnett's season.

Cashman said he thinks Eiland will get another job in the majors as a pitching coach.
Cashman is planning to start negotiations with the agent for manager Joe Girardi on Tuesday. The plan is to sign Girardi to a new contract, and then the Yankees will figure out who will replace Eiland.

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  1. as a yankee fan from way back in the day this is the kind of book that debates conversation, laughters, what was that he did are all there. Billy, Reggie, Munson, Winfield, Donny baseball, Jeter, Riveria,Torre, his sons, his power, money,drive, will,etc.. are all well put together and you get an inside and all around look at the Empire that George Steinbrenner built. One of the last Rebels in baseball. think Jerry Jones the Dallas Cowboys owner didn't take a page or two from the Steinbrenner way of operating?